The Racing Of The Clocks

The Racing of the Clocks is an age old tradition amongst Lowemannzeit celebrants, pitting them against time and its destruction, much like that of the Norgenchewer.

Equipment needed


To play the game you will need at least two people - one to be the clock thrower and one to be the clock racer. The clock thrower will stand inside so that they can stick their head out the window to throw the clock. The clock racer will stand a small distance away from the window and the clock thrower with the net. The clock thrower will then "roar" and throw the clock away from the window. When the clock racer hears the "Roar", they must run and catch the clock in the net before the clock hits the ground. If they catch the clock, then they back up a few steps and go again until they are done or they miss and the clock hits the ground, at which point, the Anti-Norgen wins, and we are all doomed.


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