Christmas has pudding, Easter has chocolate eggs and Independence Day has fat Americans deep-frying live deer.

The traditional Lowemannzeit dessert is the Norgencake. While there are no traditional recipes in place there is an onus on the Lowemannbaker to create the most decadent, flamboyantly designed cake possible as this will form the centerpiece to any Lowemann celebrations and should be eaten at the height of the party. Norgencake plays a very important role in Lowemannzeit traditions, some believe it is because during the Norgenchewer's grand adventures through time he banged a lot of famous historical chicks who liked cake. Seriously. Women. Love. Cake.


Norgencake Suggestions

Lowemannbakers should get as creative as possible.
Suggestions include:

  • Recreating your favourite Lowemannzeit story as a cake.
  • Building a cake tribute to time travel.
  • Making a real or faux meatcake.
  • Making and modeling a sexy wearable cake.
  • Or even just making a cake that resembles a portal.

Lowemannzeit is the perfect time to unleash your inner cake desires!

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