In order to lure the Norgenchewer to your Lowemannzeit celebrations you will need to place Norgenbait at the center of your Present Portal. Norgenbait may take a variety of forms.

Types of Bait

In olden days Norgenbait was traditionally a live screaming infant, preferably bleeding or at least doused with fresh blood.


In modern times this tends to be frowned upon, but there is nothing stopping you from making a symbolic rag doll infant to place in the center of your portal. This faux infant may be made of any found material and can be stuffed with straw, or better yet meat. However, be thoughtful when using meat inside a Norgenbait doll as this is the sort of sentimental decoration that you will store in a shoebox in the attic afterward, only to lovingly dust it off every June.

You may prefer to lure the Norgenchewer with a plate of meat, or even a seductive meat platter.

If you are a vegetarian, pacifist, or just kind of a pussy you may prefer to leave a Norgencake. The Norgencake should be consumed by you and your guests at the height of the celebrations.

Please Note

Norgenchewer sightings are extremely rare. In modern times, leaving Norgenbait has become more of a symbolic gesture.

"May I take this moment to praise the hostess on her particularly meaty Norgenbait!"

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