Norgen Eve

Norgen Eve is the night before Lowemannzeit Day. As Lowemannzeit falls on the first Saturday of June every year, Norgen Eve will always occur on a Friday.

This is the night when you will lay out your Present Portal and place your carefully chosen Norgenbait in hopes that the Norgenchewer himself might pay you a visit.

If you are spending Norgen Eve with friends it is good form for someone to be elected Norgenmaster (this can be done at your discretion, be it the eldest, the loudest, or the hairiest) and that person must act out the true Legend of the Norgenchewer with great gusto. If they are not too worn out by this display they may also tell a few tales of time travel adventures. You should show your appreciation to the Norgenmaster by offering them a drink, some food or oral sex.

You will be extremely giddy and excited on Norgen Eve so you may wish to enjoy a few drinks to help you sleep.

Norgen Eve and Children

If you have a small child it is highly unlikely that he or she will be eaten by the Norgenchewer, yet it is still healthy and exciting for you to warn them of the risks. When tucking them into bed you should talk very seriously and gravely about the Norgenchewer, look furtively around the room and act a little scared. Fear is a great stimulus for a developing mind.

Once you are sure that your child is almost asleep let out a huge roar from just outside their door. This is very effective and will keep them on their toes.

Another great trick is to get a large kitchen knife and gouge a series of vertical slashes into their door while they sleep. In the morning this will look like a lion has swiped the door with his claws. Lowemannzeit is a magical time for children.

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