Lowemannzeit Day

Lowemannzeit Day is the main day of celebration in the Lowemannzeit season. It occurs on the first Saturday of every June, ensuring that you will always have a day off work afterward to recover (The Day of Consequence). It is a day of great celebration, featuring many traditions including extravagant costumes, the opening of your present portal, songs, games and a hearty Norgenfeast.

If you are extremely lucky, you may discover on Lowemannzeit Day that you have been visited by the Norgenchewer who may have left you gifts and/or eaten your kids. Regardless, the entire day is to be spent in celebration and relaxation. You should surround yourself with people who are near and dear to you and share presents, food, drinks and experiences. Do not do anything that you do not want to do on Lowemannzeit, but you should try to experience something new.

From daybreak to noon is known as Norgenmorn. The proceeding evening is known as Norgen Eve. The Sunday following Lowemannzeit is known as The Day of Consequence.

In 2009, Lowmannzeit Day will fall on June 6th.

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