International Lowemannzeit Preservation Foundation

The International Lowemannzeit Preservation Foundation, or ILPF is an organisation dedicated to celebrating and preserving the traditions of Norgenlore. It is their bold duty to ensure that Lowemannzeit is celebrated to its fullest every damn year for the rest of their worthless lives.

Ensuring parity between the earth's twin hemispheres, delegates of the ILBF reside both in that bit at the top, but also in that bit at the bottom. This balance is to ensure that we never see a repeat of the Norgenwars.



A Lowemannbasecamp has been set up in Perth, Western Australia where delegates furiously plan the annual celebrations. They are assisted by the suggestions and comments of plucky Lowemann fans nationwide.


Two active teams of delegates currently operate along the east cost of North America. Countless others on American soil have made valued creative contributions.


Nobody in Portugal is doing anything useful.

Join the Fight

You can join the fight to keep Lowemannzeit relevant, awesome and at the very forefront of our consciousness. Contact us to register your support.

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