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I've Read All the Bullshit, But How Did Lowemannzeit Really Come about?

Lowemannzeit is a collaborative, user created holiday that began on the blog Luke Milton Writes. Readers were encouraged to vote on each of the elements that they would like to feature in their own brand new holiday and the results were used to create the various aspects of Norgenlore. Everything from the colour scheme to the design, name and nature of the Norgenchewer was voted for at the blog. Commenter Stryder Wolfe came up with the name Lowemannzeit meaning "Lion Man Time".

Who Can Celebrate Lowemannzeit?

Everyone! Anyone around the world can celebrate Lowemannzeit and contribute to its legends and traditions. Even vegetarians. As this is a collaborative holiday we anticipate that its nature will continue to evolve and we encourage people all over the world to put forward their own contributions.

When is Lowemannzeit?

he first Lowemannzeit will be celebrated on June 6th 2009, and it is intended to be a yearly event, occurring on the first Saturday of June.

What is the Significance of the Date?

Lowemannzeit was really designed to fill the gift-less void between Christmases.

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