It order to create a devil-may-care, haphazard, anything-can-happen, carnival like atmosphere on Lowemannzeit Day is absolutely essential that all revelers wear extravagant costumes.

These costumes should be put on immediately on Norgenmorn and worn for the duration of the day. If you are traveling to a Lowemannzeit party you will have to wear them in the car and wink/finger-gun people that look at you funny.

But what sort of things can you wear? The possibilities are endless. Lowemannzeit is not just about being the most awesome person you can be, it's also about pretending that you're just as awesome as somebody else. So why not go all out and make or hire yourself a fancy costume for this day of days?

Appropriate Costumes for Lowemannzeit

Colour Scheme Theme

The easiest option is of course to stick to the colour scheme of pink and gold. Of course, the more dapper your pink and gold finery, and or pimpery, the better so don't hold back when making your choice.

Lowemannzeit Specific

Why not act out the legendary Lowemannzeit story in your own living room? The most handsome among you may dress as the mighty Norgenchewer himself! Or why not dress as a hunter?

The name "Lowemannzeit" has Germanic origins. Why not add a Germanic flavour to your most joyous of days? Maybe it's a fine excuse to finally crack out those lederhosen! Or ladies, why not fulfil your fantasy of being ogled for a day and dress as a tavern wench while people make slurred jokes about "jugs"?

Past and Future People

Don't forget that the Norgenchewer travels through time, so there's a wide range of period costumes you can choose from. The only criteria is that the person or persons depicted should be OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME. Your party should look like time portals have exploded all over the place.

You can go as:

  • A viking.
  • A lady viking.
  • A Valkyrie?
  • Ninjas are still all the rage.
  • And even pirates. (Don't invite a pirate AND a ninja unless you want the cops around).
  • A burly homo erotic Spartan.
  • Abe Lincoln still has what it takes.
  • Maybe you can go as someone from the future!
  • Or just go as good old loveable Marty McFly.

List of Outrageous Awesomeness

Here are a few other costumes that are so outrageously awesome that they have also been officially deemed appropriate:

  • Pink Power Ranger (extra points for colour scheme).
  • Gold Power Ranger (same as above).
  • Master Chief.
  • Powergirl.
  • The Comedian.
  • Dr. Girlfriend.
  • Admiral Ackbar. A lobster admiral is proof that anyone can do anything. Inspirational!

Inappropriate Costumes for Lowemannzeit

On the other hand the following costumes ARE NOT APPROPRIATE AT ALL. Please don't wear any of the following to your Lowemannzeit party:

  • Hitler. Not cool.
  • Jesus. Nice guy but has that whole Christmas thing going on.
  • Easter Bunny. Same as above.
  • Jar Jar Binks. Love the guy but it creeps people out.

Also Remember…

  • Crowns are always acceptable.
  • So are manes.
  • Beards are probably okay too.
  • Or even just wear nothing at all. Nudity is totally fine at Lowemannzeit, but if in doubt, ask your host.
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