Anti Norgen

The Anti Norgen, aka Lionel the Lion-Faced Man was born in 1890 in Poland. He had a rare genetic disease, was literate, and quite frankly freaked a lot of people the fuck out. Being a man with the face of a lion - as opposed to a lion with the face of a man (in this case Johnny Depp - he is naturally the complete opposite of the Norgenchewer and therefore his natural enemy.

Legend has it that in 1897 the Norgenchewer appeared in Poland to drop the seven-year-old Lionel down an old well. Rumour has it that a resentful Lionel eventually climbed out in late 1901 and vowed to one day slay the Norgenchewer, be it in the past, present or future.

Luckily for Lionel he was literate, and Jules Verne had written The Time Machine just 6 years prior in 1895. Lionel studied the text carefully and it is believed that he must have managed to make his own machine at some time in 1932 when he abruptly disappeared.

Portal science is very tricky and nonsensical, but most folks believe that the Norgen and the Anti Norgen have been chasing each other since the dawn of time and when one finally defeats the other there will be an apocalypse. Or at least cake.

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